Building process


Reinforced concrete underground beam and pad footings deepness 1.50 meter connect to a reinforced concrete support columns.

Drainage and sewage PVC material is used for underground drain pipe construction around the house and connected to the project main drainage system under access road.

Waste water is managed by septic tank system.

Pest control system is installed by attaching pipe to underground beam for a better and efficient result.

External wall

  • Superblock” autoclaved aerated concrete has the distinguished properties in the quality aspect as the followings;

  • Heat prevention and fire resistant; the test revealed that the wall built from “Superblock” autoclaved aerated concrete can resist the fire for 4 hours at least and act as the heat insulation 6 times better than red bricks.

  • Keep cool; which will help reducing the temperature and the heat within the building as well as to save the energy in the long run.

  • The compressive strength is superior to red bricks by which the strength of at least 50 kg per square cm should be obtained or “Superblock” standard size of 20 x 60 x 7.5 cm can bear the load of at least 18 tons.

  • Better sound insulation without an echo.

Internal Wall

  • Double holes Red Brick is used for building an internal wall. It is very hard and durable and highly fire resistant as well as environment friendly.

Internal & external wall

Roof & Roof Insulation

Roof reinforced concrete support columns, reinforced ring beams.

Roofing Tile is carefully selected only high quality material combined with new technology in our project to prevent water leakage problem, durable and good looking image.

Insulation Foil is applied for all roofs in the house.

High Ceiling is designed approximately 5 meters height Gypsum ceiling covered either by Teak wood Thai Bali Style or white modern dome style to provide freshness by constant air circulation and space in the house.

Doors,Windows & Mosquito Nets

Master bedroom with en suite bathroom and shower faces to swimming pool.

Living room is in the middle of the house with high ceiling doom and faces to swimming pool.

Kitchen is fully furnished European standard German brand or European equivalent quality with granite appliance, stainless sink, electric stove 4 burners, hood, microwave, electric oven, fridge and dish washing machine.

Bedrooms, Living room & Kitchen

It is only hard wood doors and windows are applied in our house, or a solid aluminium with 1.5 mm of thickness. Mosquito net installment is our building standard.

Bathrooms are where we pay utmost attention to with a great collection of American Standards. With our high tiles budget which allows you to have your wonderful corner in the house. It is built with either shower, bath tub with garden view or outdoor shower in the garden.


Terrace & Swimming Pool

A spacious covered terrace right on the swimming pool is our standard where you can spend your outdoor activities comfortably.

Underground Water Tank, Gutter & Hot-Cold Boiller

We foresee the water shortage problem, sometime, in Hua Hin, therefore, we offer an underground water reserve concrete tank 6,000 - 12,000 liters for an esthetic looking as well as no space wasted on land.

PVC gutter installation around the house is our building standard.

​2 Stiebel Eltron Water Boiler for hot and cold water are provided for any type of villa.

Electricity, Water,Telephone, Internet & TV

Our Infrastructure system is underground for the safety of our residents and esthetic view in our villa project development.

An individual electricity meter is installed front of each villa and is charged at 6 Baht per unit according to your consumption.

An individual water meter is installed and connected to Watering Provincial Pranburi and charged at 15 Baht per unit.

Pest Control, Drainage, Waste Water

Pest control pipe system is installed underground , a professional pest control with non toxic products to keep away insects and disturbing unpleasant creatures, PVC drainage pipe is applied around the house for best long run efficiency compared to Asbestos pipe cheaper and mostly installed in majority of other villa projects.

Air-cons & Light

Air Con (AC) Daikin , Trane brand or equivalent provided in each bed room, living room and kitchen, all LED lights provided for energy saving with long run life span.

Garden & Surrounding Wall